Exporting services for all agricultural produce: flowers, vegetables, herbs and spices, non-citrus as well as citrus fruit.
Logistics: Creative Solutions
Flexible flights tailored to meet the grower’s needs.
Land arrangements in Holland enabling efficient distribution of produce to several destinations at minimum cost.
Guidance and accompaniment in transition to private exporting.
Establishing contact between grower and buyer.
Peach  ●  Apple  ●  Herbs baby  ●  Pepper  ●  Avocado  ●  Small radish  ●  Nectarine  ●  Pomegranate  ●  Cut flowers  ●  Tomatoes  ●  Carrots  ●  Citrus
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Transport logistics for private growers and finding creative, efficient and profit maximizing marketing solutions for a variety of produce for Central and Eastern Europe.

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